Review of Abby’s Promise

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I LOVED this book! It was sweet with a splash of sexy and a hint of comedy all mixed into one. Sounds like the best kind of drink if you ask me! There were moments that made me laugh, some where I wanted to cry, and others that I just wanted to beat the snot out of someone. Like I said, it was a GREAT story. But let me not get ahead of myself.

If you’ve been following me on Townie Critics, then you know how this works. Synopsis, spoiler warning, followed by full review and my final rating at the end. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s get this road on the show.


Ring Synopsis

Abby and Joey parted ways eight years ago when he joined the Marines. They had maintained some contact, but it dwindled over time until they stopped speaking all together. Now back in town, Joey wants to reconnect, but Abby isn’t all that interested. Or is she? Even if she is, there are several people who want nothing more than to keep them apart. Can they get past all the drama and find their way to one another?spoilers

Now that you know the premise, this is your one and only warning that there are SPOILERS AHEAD. Continue reading at your own risk.

The story starts off with a text between Abby and Joey. Something he’s recalling from eight years earlier. It took me a second with this because Abby apparently gave him the nickname “Jo-Jo.” I couldn’t quite get used to that. Mostly because I couldn’t imagine a guy being nicknamed “Jo-Jo.” Though, now that I think about it, I could absolutely see a feminine woman calling her best guy friend named Joseph, “Jo-Jo.” Anyway, so Joseph is on his first day of college and he’s thinking about Abby. They haven’t yet crossed paths, but we all know it has to happen soon. Then we find out Abby went to college to teach. I was absolutely giddy at this point because I knew what would happen.

Abby would turn out to be Joseph’s professor. That alone spelled trouble! Though I certainly didn’t imagine everything else that would be going on. Kidnapping, fights, jail, asshole parents … okay, maybe that’s a bit strong … self-righteous would be more appropriate. Maybe even indignant. But I get to that later.

Within the first few chapters, we learn rather quickly that both Joseph and Abby have been through some things. Joseph fought in the war and that certainly left a mark on him. Then there’s family, his father mostly. I have never wanted to punch the shit out of a character more than I did Joey’s father! The guy was an absolute tool! Dickhead! Scoundrel. You get the picture.

As for Abby, she isn’t just the mother of a two-year-old, but she’s also a widow. Another mark left by war and this is one of the reasons she initially pushes Joey away. As the story goes on, we discover more about what happened to Abby’s late husband. This made me feel for her. Yes, she had her daughter and her family, but sometimes that isn’t enough. And while Joey had been her first love, she isn’t quite ready to take another leap, at least not without some encouragement.

AbbyPromise1And that is where we get our romance and hot as hell moments from!  Because sometimes you just can’t fight the feeling. Which means all it takes is a small glimpse of hope. It takes a couple of days, but Abby gives Joey just what he needs. “My heart lifted. It wasn’t a no, but a maybe another time. That gave me hope.” This leads to an offer for him to babysit while she’s teaching. Which can only go one direction.

Comedy! It would have been nice to see Joey babysitting from his point of view, except then the story might have dragged on a little. So the summaries we get by texts between Joey and Abby were the right way to go. And I definitely laughed. My favorite line, “YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THEY POOP THIS MUCH.”

Though, Abby’s reaction was pretty amusing too. “I stared at his text and started to laugh. I could just imagine the look on his face, changing my daughter. What is this? What is that? Why is there so much? He would be disgusted, amused, and freaking out.”

Seriously? Abby’s daughter is going on two. Kids do four things at that age: sleep, play, eat, and poop. What else did he expect? I’m just saying.

This was also pretty sweet. The way Joey got along with Abby’s daughter, how he entertained her, and it just made him look sexier to Abby. Not that was ready to admit it. And honestly that made me LOVE the story more. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good sex scene, but with these two we actually got to see them falling in love with one another.

While I don’t want to give too much away, I will leave you with three more of my favorite lines.

  1. “As if to let me know, Zoey promptly hit me on the top of my head. ‘Go!’ she squealed.”
  2. “My sister was laughing now. ‘Jesus Christ, ya’ll need a hotel room or what?’”
  3. “‘You’re the giver of wood, Abby Jameson.’”

Following their journey is what made this book so wonderful! Not only did these two have to overcome the history they had with each other, but they also had to battle the demons that had crept in while they were apart. This was a great read!

With that said, I give it …