Review of “Dark Ghost” by Christine Feehan

I have no words. Honestly, that’s how I feel, but we all know that’s crap. I know it’s been a while, so I’ll start with the good and weave in what I didn’t like or what could’ve made this book so much better. Before we hop on this rollercoaster, let’s get the norm out of the way.

Let’s start with the basics. Dark Ghost is a love story, mostly.

Monk. Bounty hunter. Vampire slayer. Andre Boroi has spent centuries battling the undead, holding out against the dark with honor. But now, gravely wounded by master vampire Costin Popescu, Andre will be easy to track. His only chance is to disappear into the gray mist of the Carpathians. To wait. To hope.

In the mountains in search of a precious crystal, geologist Teagan Joanes suddenly finds herself hunted by those she once trusted. Then she comes across the warrior—wounded, wanting and irresistible. Andre has been craving her for an eternity: his lifemate. Her warmth envelops him. Her scent pulsates. And with every beat of her heart, Teagan surrenders to a passion she can’t possibly comprehend…

We’re almost to the point of no return. This is your ONE and ONLY warning, spoilers ahead! Continue reading at your own risk.

I’m sitting here, trying to come up with one thing I liked about this story and the only thing I can come up with feels like a joke. Like seriously, who only likes the overall story? But it’s all I’ve got. I spent half of the book confused because I had no idea what exactly Andre was or how a Carpathian differentiated from a vampire. In the first chapter, it was made clear that Andre, a Carpathian, hunted vampires, but I had no idea why, since they seemed quite similar. Allergic to the sun. Feeding on blood. Long claws. But straight up, Andre says, “The same society [vampire-hunting society] killed Carpathians and vampires alike, without distinguishing between the two” (Feehan, 52). So? What’s the difference? I really would’ve liked to know around this time.

Yes, I know this is like book 27 in the series, which I guess just means Feehan never expected anyone would start in the middle of the series or toward the end. I’m not sure how many books there actually are. And if this wasn’t on the reading list for my romance class, I probably still could’ve started somewhere in the middle. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Moving on. You know, my favorite part of any romance book is the sex scenes. I can say it. Hell, I even said it was my favorite part to write! So, of course, I’m extremely judgmental and expect that the sex is going to be off the chain. Like serious mind-blowing sex. I was SUPER disappointed in the sex between Andre and Teagan. Let me back up five seconds here. It gets made quite clearly that BOTH Andre and Teagan are virgins. Yes, VIRGINS! Teagan even says, “she had never kissed a man before” (Feehan, 74). She’s in her twenties, this story takes place in current society; how is this even remotely possible? Then you have this centuries old Carpathian and he was educated on coitus. He tells Teagan, “I know what to do, Teagan” (Feehan, 91). For real?

Okay. Let me get off my soapbox. Because I’m fairly certain that I’ve given you enough information to tell you how frustrated I was with this book. Teagan was whiny as hell, Andre was demanding (but I was kind of okay with that … to a point), very little about them was believable and Feehan repeated SO MUCH. How many times in the story was it necessary for the reader to know how lonely Andre was or how out of character all of this was for Teagan? OMG! I cannot tell you the number of times I wanted to throw the book and it was just because I couldn’t deal with hearing that crap one more time.

At this point, I would normally add in a few more of my favorite lines, but I didn’t have any. None. Yeah. This was not a book I would’ve normally chosen for myself. Feehan could’ve done so much better with this. Since I picked up book 27 in the series, I can’t attest to whether or not she’s bored with the series or if her writing has just gotten worse over the years. This is the only Feehan book I’ve ever read and I’m kind of hoping it’s not a representation of all of her work.

Like I said, it was a decent story, but it needs a lot of work to be AH-MAZING. If only the author had taken the time to get it there.

Given everything I’ve said, my overall rating is … 2 stars.

Upcoming Release

Hello my Romance Lovelies! 

Obviously over the past couple of months my reviews have significantly slowed down. That is because I have been busy between school and writing my own wonderful romance manuscript. My first ever! And it releases next month. I’m super excited to share it with you. But first I thought I’d let you see the synopsis and the cover.

What do you say? Are you interested?

All right, here we go!


Ezzie Donovan shouldn’t have desired her brother’s best friend, but the heart wants what it wants. She had a plan and it worked better than she could’ve expected. She just never imagined the consequences would impact her future or that she’d wind up with more secrets.

Self-professed ladies man, Luke Jonnihan swore off love a long time ago. Then his best friend’s little sister waltzes back into his life. She’s all grown up and he wants her more than he should. Despite his past, he decides to give into his desires. If only he can keep from losing his heart and best friend in the process.

There is so much about this story that I can’t wait to share with you. That includes all the goodies that you don’t see. Hmm, I might have to have a place for scenes that didn’t make it in the novella. Would you be curious to read them in a newsletter? If so, I’ve got that all set to go for you here

PLUS, as a bonus, you get the first chapter of the first book in another series I’m working on: Small Town Baby. If you’ve been following along, I gave you a sneak peek here.

In the meantime, let me shower you with a few more bites from UnHinged.

Now, here’s the best part. I have a friend who’s got a book releasing at the same time. So, she and I have decided to co-host a Valentine’s Day party! And you’re invited! Online, of course. Since it’ll be Valentine’s Day, my friend (K. Williams) and I are going to give away a $50 gift card ($25 Darden Restaurants and $25 movie) to one lucky winner.

How exciting is that!?

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Now, before I go, I want to share the cover to my friend’s book with you. If you haven’t read some of her stuff, you should go check her out here.


Trois by Brooklyn Knight


Trois is the exciting conclusion to Brooklyn Knight’s The French Connection series; A BWWM, Multicultural & Interracial Romance. It is currently on sale now in eBook and paperback format. 

Check out the first book Oui and the second book Coup before diving into the third!

He has three days to save her…

Dylan Hamilton has waited two years for this day to arrive; the day when Laila Renaud will become his wife. But the morning after his nuptials, he awakens, drugged and confused, only to discover that she has been snatched from his bed. And according to the man who has taken her, he has a limited amount of time to get her back. The clock is ticking…

When Stefan Miller finds three Italian gangsters sitting in his suite the morning after Dylan’s wedding, it’s confirmation that his worst fears have come true. His brother’s antics have finally caught up with him and everyone else, including his love-interest, Sasha, who has been held ransom. Now with the clock counting down, he and Dylan must come up with a plan to save the women from impending doom.

Theoretically, it’s a simple operation: Get Stefan’s brother! Engage Dylan’s mob-boss of a mother! Save the girls!

But the rescue effort doesn’t go as smoothly as planned, especially when the puzzle pieces of Dylan’s traumatic past begin to connect. And especially when Stefan discovers that Sasha has fallen under the curious spell of her green-eyed kidnapper.

This sounds like such a good story! In fact, I think I’ve found a new author to add to my TBR list! And you know, I even have a sneak peek for you. 

So keep reading.


A persistent pounding on the door ripped me out of sleep. I stirred, extra groggy from the fact that Laila had interrupted my slumber to talk about my parents and the announcement of her pregnancy. Her questions about my mother and father had angered me, but I’d hidden it from her, but when she’d told me she was carrying our baby, any negative emotions I’d been harboring fled.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I reached over to the nightstand and gripped the clock, squinting. “It’s five-thirty,” I said to Laila. I reached over to pull her close, but when I realized the place in which she was laying was empty, my eyes popped open.

Bang! Bang!

“Lai…” I called into the darkness. My eyes shot to the en-suite bathroom, noticing the light bleeding from beneath the closed door.

Maybe she’d gotten up to use it. That was what happened to pregnant women. They peed more and they started throwing up. The sound of water running down the drain confirmed my suspicions.

The banging sounded again and I threw my legs over the edge of the bed, holding my head. That was when I realized the banging wasn’t only coming from the door. An aggressive thud was pounding against my brain, and I wondered what it could be from.

I looked at the empty glass on the night table and my brows drew. I turned to the door. “Who is it?” I shouted.

“Open the door, man!”

I stretched the tightness out of my limbs and made my way over, wondering what in the world would have Stefan so uptight and hammering my door down at such an ungodly hour.

“Lai,” I called again.

Still no answer.

I frowned, peeked through the peephole, and then stood back.

Stefan’s voice emitted from the other side of the barrier, and I couldn’t help but notice the alarmed edge in his tone. I unlatched the door and ripped it open. Without hesitation, Stefan sprang inside, his eyes as wide as saucers.

“Stef, what the hell –”

“Where’s Laila?” He pushed past me and started searching the room as if he was looking for treasure.

I frowned, trying to understand what he was talking about, all the while, trying to ignore the throbbing in my head. “What do you mean, where’s Laila? She’s in the bathroom.”

Without saying anything, Stefan dashed for the bathroom and ripped at the door.

“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded rushing after him, I pulled him by the arm.

He ripped his arm away from me and glared at me. His eyes seeped with anger.

I grimaced. “What’s going on?” I demanded.

“Laila isn’t here,” he spat out.

My neck jerked forward. “Of course she is, she’s in the bathroom,” I reminded him. “She’s pregnant.”

Stefan rolled his eyes towards the ceiling and covered his face with his hands. “Jesus Christ…” he muttered.

“That’s not quite the response I was expecting,” I admitted trying to quell my frustration.

Stefan spun around and gripped me by the shoulders. “Dylan, Laila isn’t here,” he said again. Forcefully.

My body turned rigid. “What the hell do you mean –”

“Your boy, Anthony Moretti, the guy you told me not to worry about…”

He was talking, but I’d already ripped the bathroom door open, almost taking it off the hinges. I looked into the room, my eyes shifting frantically, searching for my wife who, true to Stefan’s word, was nowhere in sight. The only sign of movement was the water spilling from the gold faucet and disappearing down the drain.

My chest heaved and I stumbled until I had no choice but to lean over the basin. Water from the tap splashed onto me. Everything was spinning like it would in a funhouse, yet there was no doubt in my mind, I was in a house of goddamn horrors.

“Where’s my wife?” I gripped my temple before pulling myself away from the basin and storming through the Presidential Suite. I ransacked the place. I tore through every room, tossing the furniture like it was plastic. I marched out to the pool and scanned the area. With each examination, the fact that she was nowhere to be found pushed me further over the edge of sanity.

I screamed her name into the emptiness.

No answer.

Stefan paced the floors next to me. His hand was clasped over his mouth. His eyes were narrow with rage. “He took Sasha too,” he muttered.

I spun around to look at him. “Who took Sasha?”

Stefan turned his eyes on me. “Fucking Moretti.”

I looked at the carpet, trying to make sense of what he was saying. “How do you know this?”

“Because I woke up in the middle of the night to Moretti and his boys in my goddamn room, and that’s when he told me. Silas…”

“What the hell does he have to do with this? I swear to God, I’ll kill him!” I listened, my entire body shaking as Stefan revealed the things Moretti had told him. Then he handed me the man’s business card, his despicable name embossed and emboldened.

Three days.

Moretti was demanding that we came up with two million euros in three days.

An angry breath escaped my nose. “Fine,” I spat. “He wants it in three days, he’ll have it three hours.”

Stefan nodded, realizing that my transferring the funds into Moretti’s account was the only way to put a stop to what was happening.

I raced around the room, looking for my cell phone. After a few minutes, which felt like a few hours, I found it on the floor underneath shards of a vase I’d destroyed.
I instructed SIRI to call my accountant and waited, operating on threads of patience, for him to pick up.

It went to voicemail.

I cursed.

“What happened?” Stefan asked, dry-washing his hands.
I gripped my bottom lip between my teeth and didn’t respond. Instead, I called the number again, this time taking care to punch each digit in manually.

It rang six times before clicking over to voicemail. In a fit of rage, I pitched the phone across the room and took my sweaty hair into my hands.

“Fuck!” My voice almost made the Swarovski chandelier hanging above us to crash to the floor.

Stefan raked his hands through his afro and pulled out his own cell phone.

“Who are you calling?” I asked, shoving my hands on my hips.

“It sure as hell ain’t my investment banker,” he muttered. “The hell if I have two million goddamn euros sitting in an account.” He pressed the phone against his ear. “I’m calling my brother.”

“If you don’t have it, he sure as hell doesn’t,” I spat. My eyes burned and I rubbed them, trying to erase the sensation.
I needed to slow down.

I needed to calm down and think rationally.

Ma belle fille and Sasha had been abducted. I had no idea how it had happened or when. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I couldn’t remember much of what had transpired over the course of maybe three or four hours.

Stefan turned away from me and I listened for a second as he threw a slew of curse words into the cell phone receiver.
I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to practice my solution-focused mantra, the one I used every day at my firm.

“I need to call Moretti,” I mumbled to myself. My cell phone, now shattered on the ground, would be of no use. I rushed to the landline on Laila’s side of the bed and tried to ignore my heart, crushing inside of my chest. I held the business card Stefan and given me and tried to steady my shaking hands as I dialed the numbers.

Within seconds, Moretti answered.

I dropped onto the bed and pressed the phone hard against my ear. “Tell me this is a fucking joke!” I shouted into the phone.

“Dylan Hamilton.” The sound of his vocals made me want to spit.

“Where is my goddamn wife?” He’d barely finished his greeting before I was barking the demand. “I swear to God, I’m two seconds away from alerting INTERPOL. They’ll have you apprehended and your ass will be in jail quicker than you can fucking blink!”

“A few things,” Moretti responded casually. “INTERPOL is not a threat to me. Yes, I have been barred from various jurisdictions, but that does not inhibit my movements. Surely, you are aware of this. Secondly, if I were you, I would think long and hard about alerting anybody about anything. Your precious wife and her friend would be dead before the authorities ever caught up with me and my men. And thirdly…” he sighed. “You should practice being less emotional. You are a savvy business tycoon who cuts million-dollar deals by the hour. You, of all people should know that emotion has no place when it comes to business. Let us talk like the adults that we are.”

I gritted my teeth and tried to settle myself as best I could. In some ways he was right. My only concern was getting my wife and Sasha back. If that meant playing Moretti’s sick game, I should at least hear the rules.

So much dramatic anger! I love it! Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it releases tomorrow!

Grab your copy of Trois today!


And if you’d like to learn more about the author—check out all her links below!

letitia picBrooklyn Knight is a romance enthusiast who lives in the island of Bermuda and has been writing stories since she was a little girl. Over the years, her gift for designing and bringing characters to life has evolved, and she enjoys creating vivid, memorable characters and unforgettable situations. Her characters are thought-provoking and evocative; and they will draw emotion out of you like water from a well.




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Review of “Whole Piece of My Heart”

WholePieceOfMeI have been away from you, my romance lovelies, for far too long. I apologize for my distance, but things have become a little hectic around here for the last month. And I know I’ve said that they had settled down, really I believed they had, you know for about 2.5 seconds. Long enough that they could build back up. But the last week I’ve begun finding my ground, which means I have new reviews to share with you wonderful people.

AND very, very soon … I’ll have a new cover. Something for my very own work. BUT I’m not here to talk about that. Though I’ll tell you more in the coming days.

TODAY, I’m here to tell you all about my latest read. Hopefully by now, you’ve either read the first two books in this series or my reviews (Book 1 and Book 2). If you haven’t, go read them NOW

Christmas IS right around the corner and it’s one of the best times to get books! (My absolutely FAVORITE kind of gift.)

Now that we’ve caught up and gotten reacquainted, let’s begin. Whole Piece of My Heart is the final novella in Ren & Galen’s story. And I MUST say, it was a doozy. I was thrown a bit because the majority of the novella is from Galen’s point and up to now it has all been told from Ren’s perspective. I definitely had to adjust a little. Still I. LOVED. IT! And THAT ending! 

Whoops, getting ahead of myself. Let me back up a touch. All right, I’m good. Moving on. You know how this goes. Ring Synopsis

Nothing makes Galen Zabriese happier than time with his soulmate, Ren Hayden. With his mother’s illness behind them and Ren’s career as a biographer showing great promise, he’s ready to propose—as soon as he thinks of the perfect way to do so. The life they want to build for themselves will be an uphill challenge at first, but Gale is convinced it will be a smooth one. 

Until the subject of Ren’s latest biography calls her into a negative spotlight. 

Until his brother, Dax, crosses a line. 

Until Ren disappears. 

Suddenly, instead of planning a proposal, Galen must risk everything to find Ren – including his moral compass.

Now that you have the jist of the story, this is your one and only warning—SPOILERS. AHEAD. Continue reading at your own risk.


Aside from the ending and all the stuff in between, the opening was my favorite. It wasn’t just because we quickly learn that Katherine (Galen’s mother) has gotten the all clear regarding her cancer, but because I discovered that Galen is funny. Maybe his personal thoughts are funny, well, some of his lines too. But mostly what was going on in his head. I cracked up at the number of times he criticized himself for planning an evening out with Ren instead of an evening in. See for yourself.

“Stupid asshat—at home, I could have negotiated the situation into one of her mind-shattering blow jobs.”

“Again, why had I scheduled dinner out? Oh, right: I’m a dumbass.”

series-teaser_origAnd that’s just in the first chapter! As you can imagine, especially if you’ve read the previous books, being out didn’t stop Galen and Ren from fully enjoying one another’s company. You know, of all the places I’ve had sex, I can’t say a limo is one of them. Wonder if I could talk my … oh, my bad. Off track. Back to the book. Needless to say, the next scene did not disappoint. 

But good news can’t last forever. Before the night is even over, Ren gets slammed for the bio she did on one of the most self-involved, man-whores anyone has had the displeasure of knowing. You know, Tristan “I am a slut” Turn. He bashes the book she wrote telling his story. And he gets dirty and outright mean.

“I read the words again, irrationally hoping they would be different the second go around: Renaissance Hayden is a hack. But there are plenty of hacks out there. What makes her worse is that she’s a hack and a whore. She got me trashed, took advantage of my status and prowess—and who knows what I said while in bed with her—but the false accusations in this pile of trash are not to be believed.”


That isn’t everything Tristan said, but I don’t want to give it ALL away. My entire point is Galen’s reaction. Talk about swoon worthy. If I didn’t love him before, I totally loved him after this.

“It took an hour of stroking Ren’s hair to get her to close her eyes. The moment her breathing took on the gentle pace of sleep, I crossed a boundary and didn’t care: I grabbed her phone for Carey’s number, then woke the man from a sound sleep.

‘Who?’ he croaked.

‘Galen Zabriese. Ren’s boyfriend.’ And then I waited.

Finally, ‘Aw, shit. Really?’

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I wasn’t fazed. ‘Call me unprofessional. Call me coming off too many drinks. Call me insane for all I care. And then reassure me that Doorways is going to stand behind Ren … no matter what.’”

Unprofessional or not, a man/woman who stands up for his/her woman/man is the sexiest thing in the world! Who’s with me?

I don’t want to give the whole story away, so I’ll leave you with a couple more of my favorite lines.

  1. “‘Hmm …’ I gave her a wicked grin. ‘Guess your work is pro boner.’” (Yeah, Galen gets totally cheesy with the one-liners. Yet it’s amusing.)
  2. “‘Too bad you can’t exhibit such poise and control when dealing with your angry brother or your hormones,’ she threw back.” (OMG! Corrine is completely coming into her own. I love seeing her with sass!)
  3. “‘Ren,’ Jenna said. ‘If you’re ever going to stop walking into zingers with these two, take it from me: Put Gale in his place now! Keep it up and you’ll have a wonderfully trained monkey by the time you’re married.’” (You know, someone has asked if they can be adopted by this family. All I can say is I want in on that action.)

And THAT is all you get.

But before I get to my rating, let me say this … Ren and Galen don’t just have a love story, they have a love story that mirrors the kind of love we all want in life. The conclusion was suspenseful and breathtakingly beautiful. This was the kind of ride I’d do all over again just because I could.

Without further ado, I give Whole Piece of My Heart 


Really, I just want a sixth star to slap on this bad boy.

Preview of a New Series

SmallTownBabyCoverMy apologies my romance lovelies! I know I said things would return to normal by now, but it is still a work-in-progress. About as much as my first romance novella. Though I’m getting there day by day and I am finally nearing the end of some craziness when it comes to my work schedule.

And trust me, I have missed reading and giving you guys all the dirty details! Since I’m not yet able to grace you with a review of the Ren and Galen’s tale or dive into the two new romance specials I picked up at the conference two weeks ago, I thought I’d share a story of my own with you.

Not a personal one mind you, at least not yet. But the beginning of a novel that I used to get into the Masters Program at school. Yes, I had to grace them with my talents and show them that romance is my one and only pleasure. Well … my most passionate pleasure. 

This is something I will be working on in the near future. And it is also one I can promise you will see more of before publication. I call it “Small Town Baby.” 

Care to hop on the train and see where it goes?

Oh! One more thing before we climb aboard. The attached cover is not the final cover, but let’s just say I’ve been learning to play with images.

© Brigit Rosé Small Town Baby: Homegrown Daddy Series

Chapter One

Emily pulled the Jeep into the driveway. As she parked, the headlights from her Jeep swept over an old Toyota. Her gaze shifted from her sister’s car to the single-story family home she’d closed on less than two weeks ago. Her sister’s presence could only be due to the disastrous family dinner they finished over an hour ago. She dropped her forehead against the steering wheel and groaned. She’d rather focus on unpacking than think about dinner. Not that she had anyone to blame but herself for that one.

She had been so unprepared for her family’s reaction to her news. Just tell them all at the same time. Whose bright idea had that been? Oh yeah! Hers. Idiot. Emily sighed. She shut off the ignition, gathered her purse, and got out of the car.

Opening up the front door to her house, Emily stopped inside the foyer. She crouched down and rubbed the ears of her pit bull. “Hey, Butch. Do you need to go out, boy?”

“I doubt it. He just came back in, like, ten minutes ago.” Kaylie propped herself up against the wall.

At least her sister was good for something. Emily stood up and shut the front door. “What are you doing here, Kay?”

“Figured I’d check on you. Make sure you were okay after what happened.”

“Which part? After you and Tara hung me out to dry? Or after the two of you blew my whole story out of the water and told everyone the truth?” It had been a simple plan. All they had to do was go along with it. Yeah, they both knew the truth because they helped her pick out a donor. But Kaylie and Tara didn’t have to share that information with the entire family. Emily crossed her arms.

“Hey, neither Tara nor I agreed to go along with that whole one-night-stand story. It was a stupid idea, anyway.” Kaylie jabbed her finger in Emily’s face.SmallTownBabyPreview1

Smirking, Emily shook her head and headed into the kitchen. “Really? Says who? It was perfectly believable. It wouldn’t have been the first time I’d gone home with a guy I just met.”

“So, you were promiscuous as a teenager. You haven’t exactly done that lately.”

With a sigh, Emily stopped in front of the refrigerator. As much as she’d like to argue with her sister about the validity of her statement, it was true. She hadn’t gone home with a guy from the club in nearly ten years. “Yeah, but at least Mom and Aunt Mae wouldn’t be mad at me about it.”

“They aren’t upset because you got inseminated. They’re upset because you didn’t tell them about your decision beforehand.”

“And you are well aware as to why.” Emily opened the freezer and dug out the carton of chocolate ice cream she kept on hand. She reached into one of the drawers, pulled out a spoon, and yanked off the lid.

“I know, but that doesn’t mean you would’ve been right about it.”

Okay. It might have been an unjustified fear. Her mother and aunt possibly would’ve been supportive over her decision. Or they could’ve done everything in their power to try and talk her out of it, as she believed. “Yeah, well, I can’t exactly go back in time and find out.”

“Look, give them a day or two, then invite them to lunch and answer any questions they have.”

“And you think that will magically fix everything?” Emily spooned another bite of ice cream in her mouth and glanced toward the refrigerator. Did she have strawberries in there?

Kaylie shrugged. “I don’t know, but it’ll be a good place to start. You know. Show them you didn’t make this decision all willy nilly and that you know a good deal about the baby’s father.”

Getting the carton of strawberries out of the refrigerator and removing a knife from a nearby drawer, Emily sighed. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I guess I’m just on edge about the whole thing. I mean, what if they don’t accept this baby?”

“You’re the first to make Mom a grandmother. Plus, you saw how Casey reacted. No way Aunt Mae would stay upset with you after that.”

Emily smiled. Her sister had a good point. Their cousin had practically thrown her own little celebration at the news of the pregnancy. She’d never seen a fourteen year old so excited about not being the baby anymore. “Thanks, Sis.”

“It’s what I’m here for. Now, what’s your plan for the strawberries?”


Review of “Poppy Bloom”

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Before I begin, I apologize for keeping you, my romance lovelies, waiting so long for another review. I’ve been super busy with work so it took me longer than I anticipated to get through this book because of it. Otherwise I would’ve finished in a day or two, but things are finally starting to settle. So I don’t foresee this happening in the future.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me start by saying this is not your typical romance book. In fact, I got a very Hunger Games vibe from it right from the get go. Which throws me for a loop because the cover, although it is gorgeous, screams romance! And the story is definitely Dystopian with some romance thrown in, along with a bit of suspense and maybe a few moments of comedy. Oh, plus a couple of times where I absolutely just wanted to smack the ever loving shit out of the characters.

Whoops. Really getting ahead of myself here. Let me back it up a second and tell you what the book is about. Then we’ll go back to slapping some characters around. Ring Synopsis

“Vicki Morel believes she and Will, her gorgeous fiancé, have it all. They’re living the American dream. That is, until Portland, Oregon is leveled by a terrorist grade light weapon, and she loses Will at the airport.

Ambrose Palamo is an aviation student who wants one thing: to go home to Samoa. But when Portland is leveled, and he meets Vicki, he promises to help her find her fiancé instead. What he doesn’t expect is the feelings that start to form for her as they search the dangerous Oregon woodlands.

Sometimes love isn’t what you think it is. spoilers

The poppies bloom reminds them of what they’ve lost, while giving them the courage to face a brand new future.”

All right, that’s out of the way. So onto our last bit of business, your one and ONLY reminder that SPOILERS are AHEAD. Read at your own risk.


The book opens with Vicki reminding Will of all the things he should have for his trip as they make their final preparations to leave for the airport. This all seems pretty normal, well sort of. The constant sound of gunfire is an everyday occurrence, at least in Vicki’s world. You know what isn’t normal, the way Will acts. Hmm, suspicion is on the rise.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.

“Pushing those thoughts away, she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him, but he turned his head and her kiss landed on his cheek.

‘My girl, partner at an accounting firm.’ He wiped the smudge she’d left on his cheek. ‘Really, Vicki? I don’t need lipstick everywhere, now I do I?’couplebanner

His voice was harsher than she was used to, but she shrugged it off as the stress of him leaving again. She smiled, trying to ignore his admonishment. ‘I’d better get ready if we need to be at the airport in an hour.’ She turned away from him.

Will laughed and playfully slapped her on her rear as she spun around. ‘Are you sure you need to drop me off? I can have Alex call an Uber …’

‘It’s okay. Don’t waste money on those things, they aren’t safe since they went driverless. Besides, I want every moment with you I can get.’ Vicki tossed her hair over her shoulder and skipped up to the master bathroom to finish getting dressed.

In the distance, she heard gunfire, but she just shrugged it off. It wasn’t abnormal to hear in suburbia anymore. Besides, she was about to leave all of this behind and start over. Somewhere safer, she hoped.”

Before I jump ahead, let me explain that Alex is kind of like Alexa/Google … whatever you use and/or call it, except much more sophisticated and attached to glasses that basically serve as mini-computers. Talk about an advance in technology. Takes me back to I-Robot all over again. 

PoppyBloomPromoOff track. This was one of those moments where I wanted to ask Vicki, “Hey, if you’re guy isn’t acting normal, does it cross your mind that there’s a reason for it?” Not that it’s explained at all in the book, but this is the first one of the series. Fact, for all we know, his actions are really normal and she just hasn’t paid it any mind until then.

Needless to say the story must go on. From here we meet the other major player in the game, Ambrose Palamo. Initially I felt bad for him. He’s a dark-skinned guy and from what I’d read, it would be easy to surmise that he got treated like shit fairly regularly. Honestly, the introduction of Ambrose really shines a light on how much the country has gone down hill over the next thirty to forty years. Kind of made me think we jumped back in time where the only way you were right was if you were white. 

Really, you wouldn’t think things could get worse. Then BOOM! A bomb goes off in the airport, police are gunned down and Vicki and Ambrose are running for their lives.

This is also happens to be where the whole romance part comes in. Their relationship kind of develops like this:

I hate you. -> You’re an okay piece of shit. -> All right, you’re not a piece of shit. You’re kind of nice. -> Hey, you’re kind of good looking. -> Oh shit. I think I’m attracted to you. -> Fuck, I’m actually attracted to you. -> Man, I kind of like you. -> Actually, I do like you.LDPromo

I would’ve laughed at this, except I wanted to slap the shit out of Vicki and Ambrose about 90% of the time. She whined like crazy and he was just a dick. Then somewhere in the middle of nowhere they managed to get their crap together and act like decent human beings. It was then that I started to change my mind about them. Somewhere around “You’re kind of nice.”

As you can imagine with the two of them on the run, there is a hell of a lot of suspense. Though I did have to wonder what was up with all of the yelling. Then again, maybe it was all the adrenaline rushing through their bodies that made them scream and holler a lot of the time like a bunch of banshees. I really could’ve foregone most of that.

And yet amongst the consistent page turning, I found a few of my favorite lines.

  1. “The skinny white girl, Vicki, didn’t seem to have any skills besides panic and anxiety.” (I’ll admit it, I shared this sentiment with Ambrose. It’s a good thing we were both wrong.)
  2. “He wrapped strong arms around her, closing her fists to her side, and threw her up on his shoulder.” (Get your mind out of the gutter! We haven’t hit the romance part yet and you certainly won’t find that in this book.)
  3. “Was he as stupid as he looked? America was being invaded, and there was no one to stop them.” (Okay, I might have snickered a little at this. What? It was funny that Vicki thought for about 2.5 seconds that Ambrose was stupid.)
  4. “The intense stare of his bright eyes was uncomfortable. Combined with the dark shade of his hair, it was such a stark contrast.” (I think this is where the shift was sort-of noticed.)

Pre-order Here

That’s all you get. If I give you anything else, then I’ll give the whole story away. And aside from a few bumps and bruises I collected along the way, it was a decent read. There were a couple of issues I had, but not enough to make me put it down. Though I give fair warning, it DOES end on a cliffhanger … almost literally. 

And that’s all I’m going to say about it. The good news is that Book 2, Lavender Dreams, releases December 4th. In fact, you can pre-order it now. I’ve already got my order in, so what are you waiting for?

Oh. I guess you want my rating. All right. Here we go.

Overall, I give this book 


Final Preview of “UnHinged”

This last week has been rather hectic and I’ve had very little time to write. Classes for my Masters degree started this week. As you can imagine, the first few days my focus has been all about that. With homework complete for the week, I’m back in the business of writing and reading and all that good shit.

Since I don’t have a review for you, yet again, I thought I’d complete the preview of my first romance novella with the end of the first chapter. And no worries, I’ll be prepping for the cover release soon too. 

In the meantime, if you haven’t read everything leading to this moment, then please go here first, then here, and finally here

All right! Away we go.

UnHinged © Brigit Rosé

He’d spent half the night tossing and turning with a raging hard-on. All night long a sea-green satin nightgown had danced around in his mind. Luke hadn’t been able to get the image of Ezzie in the doorway of her hotel suite out of his head. God, he hadn’t even been able to stop himself from checking her out. Her long brown hair had shimmered in the light. Bright sapphire-blue eyes had gawked back him. And those beautiful full lips of hers had practically screamed for a kiss. Even if his gaze hadn’t stopped there, at least he’d stopped himself on that front.greennightie

Instead, his eyes had traced their way along her exquisite neckline to her collarbone, then over the swell of her breasts where his gaze lingered for far too long. Had he stared? No, not at all. Maybe a little. What would it feel like to have his hand on one of her breasts? He bet the skin would be smooth. Luke dragged a hand down his face. God, he had to stop thinking about her breasts.

It was bad enough his gaze had continued its journey to her flat stomach, softly rounded hips, and down her long, long legs. By the time he’d gotten to her painted toenails, the elevator doors had opened and snapped him out of his trance. What he wouldn’t give for that damn ding now?

Though he could’ve dealt without the room service guy’s arrival or Ezzie’s sudden disappearance into the room somewhere. True, it had been his only chance to escape her presence. Though her lavender scent had already filled his nostrils and held him hostage, the knowledge of her brother downstairs pulled him out of the room. His only saving grace, he’d ensured the room service guy had left too. He even gave the guy a twenty dollar tip with the promise the guy wouldn’t come back to the room. God, what was wrong with him?

The good news of the day had been his ability to run himself numb this morning. Nate hadn’t been in the room when he’d returned. He’d probably gone to get Ezzie. Probably so she could start packing his stuff. Luke had showered and proceeded across campus to the auditorium. While he had to collect his own cap and gown, theoretically he should be able to get both of theirs. Studying the people at the table, he approached one of the women and charmingly smiled. “Lucas Jonnihan and Nathan Donovan.”

“And you’re which one? Because you can only get your cap and gown.”

“I’m Lucas Jonnihan, but Nathan Donovan is my roommate. I’m sure you can make an exception.” He leaned on the table and flashed the smile again. The girl stared at him like he was stupid. This normally always worked. How could it be possible his smile failed to work its magic. It couldn’t be because of Ezzie? Could it? No. That was crazy.

“Luke, is that you?”

He glanced at the dark-skinned beauty heading his way. Who was she? Mary? Maggie? Had he slept with her? Yes? At least he thought he had. The way she sashayed toward him, he’d have to go with yes. But how long ago? The charming smile returned to his face. He wrapped his arms around her when she came in for the hug. She smelled like… vanilla. Nope, still couldn’t place her. “Hey. How’re you doing?”

“I’m better now. You look great. We should get together before you leave.”

“Yeah. Maybe we can meet up at one of the parties tonight.” Good thing he didn’t intend to go to any of them. Dinner with his parents, Ezzie, Nate, Becca and her parents was enough. Then if he was lucky, Ezzie would go back to her hotel room, so he could hide in his dorm room all night.

She grinned as if accepting the invitation. Turning her attention to the girl at the table, the dark-skinned beauty squeezed Luke’s bicep. “Gina, help out a friend. Go ahead and give him both sets.”

“Sure thing, Maria.” No longer holding the caps and gowns hostage, Gina placed two sets of a cap and gown on the table.

More good news; he had a name for the face. Bad news, he still couldn’t remember sleeping with her. But by the way she’d felt him up, they’d definitely hooked up. Probably sometime before March. He hadn’t been with anyone since Ezzie had shown up to spend her last couple of days of spring break with them. What had that girl done to him? Focus jackass. Luke grabbed the items laid out on the table. “Thanks Maria.”

“Anytime.” She placed a chaste kiss on his lips and sauntered away.

graduationMan he had to get out of here. With the caps and gowns in his arms, he hurried off back to the dorm room. Even if Nate had picked up Ezzie already, at least he wouldn’t be alone with her. Yeah, he’d told the guy he’d watch out for her, but he could keep his word and avoid her at the same time. Especially as Luke was the one person she really needed to be protected from. Being alone with that girl was bad for his health. Hers too. It would be best if he stayed away from her all together, but he couldn’t bail on his best friend like that.

Determined to do the right thing, he opened the door to his and Nate’s room without a second thought. There she stood: the girl running a marathon in his brain.

“Hey.” Ezzie looked up from the box of things she’d started packing.

Damn she looked sexy. Barely-there shorts; small, tight tank top; and that damn tattoo. It mocked him as if it knew something he’d either decided to ignore or simply overlooked. Shit! It had known something. Luke surveyed the room. “Umm, hi. Where’s, uh, where’s Nate?”

“I sent him for some breakfast. Figured it was the least he could do since I’m up after practically no sleep.”

“Oh? Anywhere in particular?” Please say yes. No, wait! Damn it. Please say no. If the guy had run to the cafeteria, no big deal. He’d been back in five, maybe ten minutes. Tops. But if she’d asked for something more specific, it could be a while. Either way, he couldn’t stand in the doorway like an idiot. Luke glimpsed at the open door. Closing the door was a bad idea. Going inside was a bad idea. Swallowing, he tried to relax his nerves and shut the door.

“Yeah, he went to Panera. Told him to get a small pack of bagels and a couple of their soufflés.”

Great. Fucking perfect. Being alone with her much longer was not an option. He gripped the back of his neck and crossed over to his side of the room in three long strides. Hardly glancing in her direction, he dropped the packages on his bed. The best thing he could do was leave. “Can you tell him I got his cap and gown?”

“Sure.” She sighed and faced the box in front of her.

Hanging his head, he stared at the carpet for all of five seconds. That damn sea-green negligee popped into his head. Fuck me. Steeling himself up, Luke turned his head and focused on Ezzie. With her back to him, he could take his time studying her. Her brown locks had been pulled into a sloppy ponytail. The tank top wasn’t anything special and the faded denim shorts had obviously worn over the years. Still she looked perfect. Every inch of her was gorgeous. “Thanks.”

She glanced over her shoulder at him and caught him staring. Shit! Luke focused his eyes elsewhere and rubbed the nape of his neck. Inhaling deeply, her sweet lavender scent filled his nostrils. He had to get out of here. Otherwise he might lose his sanity. Although he had no idea where he would go, he headed for the door.

“You’re leaving?”

“I’ve, uh, got some things to do before, uh, before I pick up my parents.” His answer was a cop out, but he couldn’t really go into detail. Not without revealing way too much about his blatant attraction to her.

“Really? Or are you just avoiding me?”

Luke paused with his hand on the doorknob. Her question called him out on his lie. It even recognized the actions he’d taken when she’d been around in mid March. And she’d be around for the next few days. He’d have to face the music sooner or later. But later had seemed better. The timing was completely off. Plus her brother would be back any second. “I’m not avoiding you.”

“Bullshit.” Ezzie padded across the room and stopped behind him.

Maybe he couldn’t see her, but he could sense how close she stood. Heat spread through his body like wild-fire. He ensured his hard-on couldn’t be spotted, then spun around and faced her. “Will you please let this go?”

“No. You ignored me the last time I was here. I have a right to know what the hell is going on, especially after last night. You tossed my dresses and just disappeared.”

“Ezzie, now is not the time for this conversation. Your brother could come through the door any minute.” He dropped his hands to his waist. Whatever they needed to talk about or not talk about could be interrupted. The last thing he wanted was for her brother to find them in an awkward position. With the way she looked in those tiny-shorts and that way-too-tight-tank top, it could absolutely happen.

She moved closer to him. “All the more reason for me to be sure there will be time to have it.”

“There will. I just, I need you to be a little patient right now.” He could easily reach out, take a firm hold of her and press his lips to hers. One taste wouldn’t be enough. If he tasted those full and pouty lips, he’d want more. They had no time now.

Resting one hand on his pectorals, she stepped into his body. His breath quickened. Using her other hand, she caressed the back of his neck and lightly brushed his lips with her own.

The kiss was sweet and innocent, but he hungered for more. His arms locked around her shoulders and his lips crushed hers. Slowly he plied her mouth open with his tongue. The instant his tongue found hers, she moaned. Her sound was pure ecstasy. It got him harder than he’d been before their lips touched. Desire consumed him from the inside out. If he kissed her any longer, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. Slowly he ended the kiss.

His pressed his forehead against hers. Inhaling deeply, he breathed in the shared air. He could still taste the kiss. Exactly why something had to be done with his mouth and quickly. Some things had to be honestly addressed. Example, their timing could’ve been better. Then again, it would’ve been best if he hadn’t kissed her. And it would be so easy to do again. Space. He had to put some space between them. Otherwise his dick was going to get him in a load of trouble. Luke inched back and caressed her cheek. “I don’t want to avoid you.”

“That’s not you saying you won’t.”

“Shit.” Of course she’d heard the unspoken but. He navigated around her and paced the length of the room. His eyes remained glued to the carpeted floor as he stalked past both beds and stopped at the mini-fridge. Turning around, he faced the door. He lifted his gaze to her and stared into her sapphire-blue eyes. They sparkled with longing and a little bit of frustration.

“Sums it up pretty well if you ask me.”

Hanging his head, he dragged his hand down his face. “I’m sorry, Ezzie. I—”

“Luke, just stop. If you aren’t going to give me any real answers then stop. I don’t want excuses. To think, you know what, never mind.” She snatched her purse off her brother’s nightstand and stormed toward the door.

If he was smart, he’d stay put and let her go. But damn it, he couldn’t stand there and do nothing. She had to understand what was going through his head. Luke grabbed a hold of Ezzie, spun her around and pushed her against the door. Her purse fell from her hands and landed on the floor. Lust flashed into her sapphire-blue eyes and the entire room lit up. Fuck! He couldn’t explain himself when she gawked at him like that. Instead of opening his mouth to say something, he pressed his muscled body into hers and pinned her against the door. The proximity of her mouth was too much. No way he could pass on another taste.

His lips crashed against hers. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he squeezed her low back. Her skin was so warm. Using his other hand, he reached up and loosened her hair. He liked it better flowing around her shoulders. It also gave him range to fist a palm full of it. Her tresses were like the silk nightgown he’d seen her in last night. Arms came around his back and nails dug into his shoulder blades. Everything about Ezzie bloomed beneath his touch.

If he had half a brain, he’d stop this before things went too far. The dorm room was no place for him to take her. Not to mention, the door wasn’t locked and her brother could arrive any minute. He had to walk away. Forcing his body into action, Luke released his hold and left the dorm room.

**End of Preview**

Author: Brigit Rosé